About Us

The Woodman Family

How we got here.

My father was an original Yuma homesteader, and he started with 80 acres in 1949. Out of his three sons, I was the only one that expressed an interest to continue farming. In the late ’70s, I came back to Yuma from college. Every year after that I took a little bit more of the responsibility of running the farm from my dad, even though he was really involved with the business up until the day he died.

The next generation.

When I was younger, my dad would just drop us off where everyone else was working and we’d get in line with the rest of the crew and start working. I think my son enjoys the work, but maybe not as much as I do. Farming techniques are really the same as they were back then; the way my father did it is the way I do it, and it’s probably the way my son and his sons will do it, too.

What I love about being a Sunkist grower.

Every day’s different. Every day’s a challenge, and you look forward to every season: from the bloom to the harvest. It’s never quite like the year before.